Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Foreclosures HIT Worcester hard

A message from Grace Ross:

So, friends,

Warren Group puts out figures for foreclosures every week - and the relative
slowdown is over. With Worcester County slammed the hardest in the state!

Why doorknocking is SO critical!

Worcester County for just 1 week!
73 petitions to foreclose filed
56 auctions!

Let's fight!

Hope everyone can make it to Action THIS SATURDAY at 10AM
(Meet at 8:30 so we can get on route @ 8:45. Meet at Park & Ride parking lot where Rt 90 & Rt 146 meet.)

Love, Grace


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  2. Foreclosure resistance success story from St. Louis.

  3. You know what is shameful? Those people who don't pay their mortgage for years and use that money for vacations, new cars, hobbies and to support themselves while they choose not to work. Then cry that they are being foreclosed on.