Wednesday, May 11, 2011


  1. WAFT is the most bizarre and ignorant group of people in the entire history- Landlords pay taxes on regular basis and need to enjoy the home that they buy. It's so sad to hear that previous people living in there haven't paid their mortgage and taxes in years and they still stand up against the new home buyers who want to save these properties from being ruined. The entire system is so messed up- Because it protects the people labelled as "minority": This minority people have proven themselves in years to snatch from this system in forms of: pensions, welfare benefits, medical benefits and so on and at the end they want to live for free as well. This is a good play damaging the system, if they want to leave for free they need to ask the state for free shelter and not occupy someone else's properties that pays taxes on regular basis. This is a shame for WAFT group and for the system not functioning properly. Someone lost it's own home, he was paying taxes for years but someone else was living there and not releasing the property! INSANE! Dear government please shelter these lazy people on your own expense and not on landlord's expenses. PERIOD! If this is not working then how about if all landlords stop paying taxes and file for bankruptcy? Who will pay for your salaries and for welfare then????

    1. I completely agree. The previous homeowners need to move out and continue the fight with the state and not causing more expenses for the new home buyers who want to live quietly and pay taxes!