Friday, April 22, 2011

Common Illegal Foreclosure Acts

Gathered from past meetings, we have provided a few scenarios where the bank has tried to pull some illegal acts to get their way.

Get Educated!!! Know Your Rights!

Woman #1- Realtor tried scare tactics to have her move out of her home. (ILLEGAL!) Grace is looking into legal action against realtor for unlawful tactics.

Man #1- Has been foreclosed on. He was paying 1 bank when the mortgage was owned by another bank. Bank he was paying was foreclosing on him when they didn’t even have power over the deed. (ILLEGAL)

Woman #2- Section 8 housing- Housing subsidy is run through agency that is prone to simply ‘giving up’. Told her to move, took it back then reinstated that she must move again and have threatened to take away her housing voucher (ILLEGAL!)

Woman #3- Applied for loan modification, partner lost job. She feels she’s sent over 260 documents, and they continue to say they haven’t received it and to resend her documents to them. (TYPICAL!)
(Illegal note-If you are mid loan modification then the banks are NOT ALLOWED to foreclose on your home!!)

We will be adding more scenarios in the future so keep an eye out!!!


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