Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From March 16th, 2011

WAFT Bi-weekly Meeting

Attendance: 23 (Current Record!)

Today we had a Spanish translator during our meeting, which appeared to be quite helpful. As usual everyone read the 10 Rules of Foreclosure Rights.

The only critique was that the need to translate seemed to slow down the meeting. Maybe there should be a meeting once a month for Spanish speakers?

Important Notes

•Always remember to take a deep breath; everyone attending WAFT is struggling through some hard times. What many people DON’T know if that usually they have a MINIMUM of 4 months before any moving is forced and WAFT is here to help support you along the way providing advice that helps you in your personal position.
•Many residents who came have complained that the banks been calling multiple times a day/week. THIS IS ILLEGAL. THIS IS CONSIDERED HARASSMENT!
•The Banks should be supplying all information in WRITING not by phone.

Individual Site/ Updates

Man #1- Due to a passing in the family, he fell behind in rent. He has saved up a small amount of money and is unsure how to send that it for the mortgage. On top of that his wife is fighting breast cancer. We advised that he go to housing court despite the lack of money for a lawyer. Advised him to call banks for negotiation and to allow him to pay, also to bring all his papers to the next meeting

Man #2- Man struggling while banks work on the trial modification AND the foreclosing at the SAME time, something the banks SHOULD NOT BE DOING!!! Foreclosed took place January 10th. We assured them that the marshals will not come to their house to evict them.

Woman #1- She is 1 month behind payment, since October she’s been threatened by banks with foreclosure and even put house on market without her knowledge. Banks have been calling multiple times a day. She asked bank how much she should pay to keep the house, all correspondence was by phone when it SHOULD have all been in writing.

Woman #2- Banks were also calling everyday, once again this is NOT ALLOWED! Went through the loan modification program.

Couple #1- House was put up for sale a year and two months ago. They filed for loan modification program while house was also being foreclosured on. Had court date for March 7th but date was canceled (turns out it was an auction date)

Couple #2- Bought triple-decker 19 years ago. Not behind in payments YET. Came for research purposes.


21 students from the Boston area came to Worcester to perform a massive outreach. Went door-to door passed out fliers and pamphlets. Taking multiple routes they were able to hit almost every house on the lists. Which we now have recorded thanks to our canvassing forms.

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